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Monday, October 29, 2007

Fall News

January Mission trip to Jamaica!

We have set a date (actually date range) for our next planned trip. It will be the week of Jan. 12-19, 2008. Since Martin Luther King Day is the next Monday, some of us may wait until then to return - giving us a few more days there. Staying the extra few days would give us a free Saturday so we can possibly spend some time with children either at Muirton Boys Home or in the Port Morant area. The children will probably be in school during the week. We suspect that the trip will cost close to $1,000. The greatest variable is cost of the flights - one we cannot control.
If there is enough demand or another church group wants to plan a team for another week, we can assist with that and I will be willing to stay there longer or go earlier to assist.

We have not set our primary projects for the January 2008 trip. What we decide to do may depend upon the team makeup. Also, we wanted to deliberately plan for less manual labor and more time for building relationships. We have talked about working in the Seaside area - repairs to homes that were damaged by the hurricane, etc. Of course, we might be able to work in the schools as well if the team so desires.
Tentative Plans for future mission trips:

We are also hoping we can have a team for Spring Break - March 15-22, 2008. If another church from another area wants to plan a trip and has a different time for Spring break, we will try to make that work as well. Projects will depend upon team makeup, but if we have youth and musicians, we may want to do a nightly youth rally.
We are also planning a trip for June 28-July 5, 2006. We believe the children in Jamaica will be out of school and we can plan a Vacation Bible school and work with the boys at Muirton Boys Home.

If you have interest in one of our trips, please let us know. We will have to make plans for the January 12-19, 2008 trip very soon.

Joy in Jamaica - a Christmas ministry

We are changing our Christmas focus this year. For many years, we have purchased gifts and/or sent money for Christmas presents and food for the poor at Christmas time. Riverchase United Methodist Church, where much of these ministry efforts began, has as its motto: "Sharing the Joy of Christ" . As we celebrate Christ's birth, what a better time to share the joy that is Christ! Our plans are to find individuals and families who are in need, make those known and pray that sponsors will step forward to share their joy with these people. We hope to send money to Audrey, our helper in Jamaica, to purchase the items and present them to those in need for Christmas. For families, we are considering flour, rice, sugar, cooking oil, soap powder, and similar things. For the children, we are thinking a gift bag may contain a small toy (probably less that $5 U.S.), socks, underwear, a book, and maybe a pencil.

It has been our experience that most of the children in the area will not receive a gift for Christmas unless we help provide it. So, help us Share the Joy of Christ at Christmas in Jamaica. We will have more information about this soon.
Other news:
- We are launching an email newsletter. If you are not on our email list, please got to: and sign in.
- There have been heavy rains in Jamaica causing some damage to the back wall of the Langer's Mission house. The good news is it appears Hurricane Noel will miss them.
- Earl B produced a great video about our July 2007 trip please see it at:

Please keep Jamaica and Isaiahsixeight in your prayers!