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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Summary of new Report from Port Morant

I had a long talk with Audrey. It doesn't sound too desperate there, but I think there is not much she can do. Apparently it has been raining a lot and many of the people who have inadequate shelter are getting wet again and are having trouble keeping things dry.

Food is still a big problem. Without electricity, they are having trouble producing some of the food items. Also, apparently the stores have very little, so she cannot buy food for the people. They cleaned out all the food at the church. When they did buy food, they went to the Seaside community and made people line up. She told them that we are the ones who made it available.

She has money left and is looking to buy shoes, uniforms, and school books for the children. Sounds like they may have lost what little they had. Sounds like the food emergency has passed or she has resigned herself to the fact that there is none to buy.