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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Jamaica Update 9/6/07

I just talked to Audrey in Port Morant. Apparently things are getting better there. The public water was restored one week ago. The electricity was restored only on Sunday. Land base phones are still not working.

Audrey has spent all the money we sent - buying food and things to help the children get back to school. She still has notepads, paper, pencils, etc. that she is distributing to needy children. She said there is still a lot of suffering in the Seaside Community. Of course, they lost most of their personal possessions, much of their homes, and their livelihood (boats). Recovery of that community will take a long time. Audrey took some photographs and will be sending them soon.

Also, apparently the banana plantation was severely damaged and many of those who worked there now have no work. So, the depressed economy there is even more depressed.

All of this, yet you read the Kingston newspaper (on-line) and there is barely any mention of the hurricane there now.

Audrey said that even Hurricane Felix which was no closer than 260 miles or so from Jamaica caused very rough seas and wind for them. She said other than sand and salt spray; however, there was little damage from it.

Also, several of us are planning to travel down either late this month or early next month. The purposes of this trip are to: survey the damage, document the damage with photos, open a bank account, go into Kingston to evaluate the availability of tools that we can buy there and not have to ship, plan the projects and focus of our next trip. So, pray that we are led by God on this trip.